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During the process of model making, it is usual to encounter some troubles, for example, a tool is lost or a bottle of glue is tipped over. A tool rack can effectively solve all such problems. Its multilayer design makes it ideal for storing various model-making tools. The tool rack includes a specialized slot to keep bottles of glue from tipping, and will save you troubles accordingly.

The storage slot is modularized, so that you can select the storage slot or replace it with the tool storage module for your convenience.

Size: 140x100x83mm

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Fast delivery and a good selection of inventory!

Compact desk top tool holder.

The Dspiae AT-R tool rack is a compact tool holder made of what appears to be anodized aluminum, with a metallic red finish. Dspiae products are heavily packaged, and give the buyer an experience much like Apple or Mac products. The unit can hold sprue nippers, sanding sticks, square glue bottles and the like. My Tamiya and Meng sprue clippers fit well in the top slots but a generic sprue cutter with large grip handles do not fit so well. The four non-slip grip "feet" that must be applied to the bottom of the unit work well. It's price and the fact that not all common tools fit well detract it from getting 5 stars but it will be durable and last the life of the buyer.

Joseph Ruigomez
The Ultimate tool rack

If Your looking for a toolrack to hold your nice new nippers or your cement so it doesn't spill all over your cutting mat and to hold Your kool new clamp holding handle this is the toolrack for you. High quality. Last forever.

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