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In the daily model-making process, we often need to make cylindrical parts of photo etched. Compared with the conventional curved photo etched, the rolling set of photo etched has higher efficiency, and can easily manufacture neat cylindrical parts of photo etched.

The rolling rod is made from stainless steel. The rolling set is made from aluminum alloy and finely carved by CNC in the later stage. The surface is subject to anodizing and sandblasting in the later stage, and is very beautiful as a whole.

The rolling set contains 6 rolling rods of different sizes.

Size: 82x82x23mm

Recommended for use together with DSPIAE AT-PB Photo Etched Parts Bender.

Customer Reviews

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Bill Koptis
Rolling along

The DSPIAE photo etched rolling set is first rate. I struggled for some time attempting to produce curved or rounded photo etched parts on my models ending up with either out of round or curved pieces with “steps” in the photo etch part. That ended with the us of the Dspiae rollers and the are about half some of the roller sets on the market.

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