Delpi Decal - Base Metal Sticker Acrylic Stand (2 Colors)

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This is an ACRYLIC STAND made to make the existing Base metal sticker look vertical.

* To make this item, adhesive is required. 

This product is a base acrylic for attaching metal stickers as shown in the picture, and metal stickers are not included. See available metal sticker listings here:

Currently, only 5 types of metal stickers are released, but we are currently preparing more than 50 types mainly for major and popular plamodel kits, so we will prepare them as soon as possible.

There are two types, transparent and black.


1. Remove the protective vinyl on the front and back before attaching the metal sticker.
2. When attaching the metal sticker, you can get the more accurate attachment position by marking the location with the masking tape.
3. Remove the upper film of the metal sticker slowly after attaching the metal sticker.
Sometimes, there is a small amount of adhesion left in the metal sticker after removing the film.
Use the upper film of the removed metal sticker to press hard to remove the residual adhesive.

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Vu
Broke upon use

The display portion of this is too wide to fit into the base. Base cracked when trying to put the display into the base slot.

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