Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 Playstation (SCPH-1000)

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25 years ago, PlayStation, which celebrated its 25th anniversary, changed my gaming life as a student at the time.
The first model of a home video game console that still spins history is now a plastic model from "BEST HIT CHRONICLE"!
  • Reproduce the faithful details of the PlayStation released on December 3, 1994. You can assemble the contents of the aircraft that could not be seen at that time.
  • The layered structure realizes the same color coding as the actual machine just by stacking them.
  • Detailed logos such as buttons and switches that have been pressed until worn out are also reproduced.
  • In addition to the internal structure, the terminals on the back and the power cable socket are also faithfully reproduced.
  • Comes with a controller, memory card, and a clear disc for reproducing game software. Adopted a specification that decorates the reading part with a foil sticker.
  • The memory card can be inserted and removed in the same way as the actual machine.
  • Cainus seal x 1
  • Foil seal x 1
  • Lead wire x 1

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Samuel Kayser
Fun little model

While this isnt a very complicated model, the level of detail on everything from the board, ports, and even the Cd drive are beautiful. A great overall model for PS 1 fans.

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