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  • Build Strike Gundam appearing in "Gundam Build Fighters" comes up after the arrangement of MG series standard.
  • Build-up based on the proportion details of MG Aile Strike Gundam Ver.RM, with the idea that if the protagonist Sei makes an MG, it will surely become an MG like this ...
  • The build booster can be separated to reproduce the flight form. It is also possible to connect to the attached pedestal through a joint and decorate with the build booster alone.
  • The beam rifle can be reproduced in three forms by replacing it.
  • As an MG original gimmick, surplus parts that are not connected to the beam gun can be mounted on the Chobham shield.
  • By deploying the newly added landing gear according to MG's own interpretation, it is possible to reproduce the parking condition with three-point grounding.
  • Wings can be moved at each base, and flight forms can be reproduced by leveling the wings.
  • The large beam cannon can be held poorly. Various poses are possible due to the flexible movable arm.

Molded product x 22, marking sticker x 1, color sticker x 1, dry decal x 1, assembly instruction x 1

Customer Reviews

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Very solid build and extremely underrated in my opinion. I few note that the beam cannon has stickers instead the clear green plastic like the RG. Other than that it’s an amazing and fun build! Definitely worth building at least once.

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