Delpi Decal - CAUTION 3-Kinds Collection Decal (3 Types)

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* Precautions for purchasing hologram products *
This product feels completely different from other products like Gold Hologram decal.
It feels like a soft hologram because it is coated with a light hologram through additional processing.
Please note that products with a smaller decal area (ex. rgScale, etc.) may look weaker in holographic feel.

 Hybrid + Decal = Hybrical

See Delpi Decal's Hybrical how-to video here.

More pictures and instructions for applying Hybrical are available on their website here.

It's available both dry transfer and wet transfer. It's printed on opaque film. Thickness/Stength is between dry decal and water decal. Of course, you can using a topcoat, but avoid using industrial thinners or Kungs' multi-thinners. (Mild-thinner possible). 

You can apply a small amount of water before attaching all hybrids. Small decals such as cautions are allowed to skip water. We recommend that you apply a drop of water over a certain size in advance. Please selectively use it according to size. If you are going to work carefully, I recommend you to use water in all sizes.

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