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"Char's exclusive Zugok" boarded by the popular character "Char" that appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam" has been added to the master grade lineup. Movable monoeye uses clear parts. The details of the head missile are realistically reproduced. The belly, hip joints, ankles, etc. use rubber-like parts with the image of waterproofing. Arms and thighs are equipped with a new telescopic gimmick, making it possible to reproduce more expressive poses. Four phantom claw parts are included.

The Master Grade version of Char's customised shiny red Z'Gok is here! The expertly designed inner frame system allows flexibility and poseability to equal the "real" thing in the animated series. The bellows rims (the loopy things on its arms and legs) even stretch out a little, for added reach and flexibility. All in all, a superb kit of an incredibly cool machine.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful model of the Z’gok. Not even that bad of a deal considering the RG is hardly cheaper.


I reviewed the regular MG Z’Gok a few months ago and was a little underwhelmed, but THIS guy. THIS version of the Z’Gok has a few extras that put the standard grunt suit to shame.

Whereas the blue Z’Gok has some limits in flexibility, Char’s has special poly caps that allow the arms and legs to extend and flex much more fluidly. And the notches in the frame on the standard Z’Gok make more sense now as they now feature the added cable/wire harnesses running down the limbs of Char’s.

And possibly the most exciting detail is that Char’s comes with the option of 3 OR 4-clawed hands! Silly of me to get so energetic about, right? WRONG! While the Z’Gok already looks kinda intimidating because of its bulk and brutish extremities, Char’s looks WAY more intimidating with its extra claws and serpentine limbs.

And while Char’s Z’Gok is still based on the mostly-hollow, lower-definition frame, the little things add up and compensate for the shortcomings of the standard Z’Gok.

Ronald Burley
100% worth it

awesome kit, and it is a BIG boy. You will get a fairly large box and think its gonna be big (and worry that at its price being that big it won't have much detail). Once you open it up and start looking over everything your going to have an involuntary giggle. Its bigger then you thought and it has good detail too. This zgok just built and panel lined. Then detailed with included decals looks great.

Kevin Blankenship
10 out of 10

Excellent product and very well packaged with no damage when shipped. Shipping was fast and had product within a few days from ordered. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for good quality models.

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