chitocerium LXXVIII-platinum 1.5

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Guardian of this world's gate

Maki Asai x huke x GOOD SMILE COMPANY presents a new plastic model series "chitocerium", the first of which is " LXXVIII-platinum ".

  • Maki Asai is in charge of the body design, and huke is in charge of the design work.
  • The specially designed body realizes an unprecedented movable range.
  • The main body and weapons called "fragment" are completely stored in a hexagonal box.
  • Replacement facial parts (UV print specifications) include a normal face, a closed-eyes face, and a smiling face.
  • Parts other than the markings are reproduced by dividing the molding color into parts and partially painting.
  • After the resale version, some parts have been adjusted to make it easier to assemble.

■ Chitocerium|chitocerium Official Website

Customer Reviews

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This was my first kit from this line and definitely won't be my last. This kit is great, the part separation is great with only some really small details that need to be painted that I personally didn't paint them since they're so small, articulation is also really good the only limitation is with the backwards movement of the feet but that's because of how they're designed. The accessories are good as well, she has plenty of hands for different poses, the stuff she'd be posed with are a nice sword and a book. She also comes with three faces all of which are prepainted so that's nice. The only negative things I can come up with are some visible seemlines but if you're a painter they shouldn't be any problem, also this kit comes with dry transfer decals for some reason I could not find a single place that actually mentioned they're dry transfers so now you know. Overall this kit is great and if you like the design it's definitely worth picking up

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