1:1500 Space Pirate Battleship ARCADIA Second Ship (PHANTOM DEATH SHADOW conversion)

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A kit of the Arcadia from the TV anime "Space Pirate Captain Harlock".
Multiple Arcadias have been built, and this ship is positioned as the second ship.
(By the way, the skull bow type of "Galaxy Express 999 Theatrical Version" is the third ship.)

 The kit adopts a part division that makes the seams of parts as inconspicuous as possible. The hull is designed to sandwich the support, ensuring reliable assembly and strength. The bridge, where complex details are concentrated, uses a slide mold to integrally mold parts. The triple pulsar cannon (main gun) is also opened with a slide mold for the barrel. Three gun barrels can be moved independently in the vertical direction, and the turret can be rotated. The space buster (rapid gun) is also movable in the vertical direction. The ram on the bow is reproduced by replacing parts. The attached display stand has a design that resembles Tochiro's gravestone on the support. 

Molding colors are
scheduled to be 7 colors: blue, dark blue, black, white, red, brown, and clear yellow.

As a bonus part, two ship-based aircraft "Cosmo Wing" of the same scale are included.
Includes decals for relief engraving on the bow and poop.
Naoyuki Kato is in charge of the package illustration.

Adhesive may be required to complete building

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