MG 1/100 Delta Plus

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  • A hundred-type variable machine, Delta Plus, is now available in MG.
  • Completely transformed from MS form to wave rider form.
  • The lock mechanism is installed so that the shape after deformation does not collapse.
  • A marking sticker by Mr. Hajime Katoki is included.
  • A figure of the same scale is included. 

Molded product x 16, foil seal x 1, dry decal x 1, tetron seal x 1, assembly instructions

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Customer Reviews

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MG Delta Plus Custom Job

Sadly I did not buy this kit here, but I did do a custom paint job and some new techniques that are shown in the pictures. Overall I do like the build, even in its Wave Rider mode. And yes the transformation process is tedious but I have yet to find a problem with my build. I did use glue and paint, so most of the parts stayed on. You would find it better to remove the arms and legs to help with the transformation process, which did help. This kit works best as a custom build instead of a straight out-of-the-box build. But overall, I liked this kit. Might do another one in the future.

Zeta 2.0 Clone

[I should note that I didn’t buy this kit from Mecha Warehouse (Sorry, Nick), but it has been my most recent build and I have strong opinions.]

First, allow me to offer the following defense for this model: Aesthetically, it’s a great kit. It’s highly detailed, crisp in its angles and seams, and fairly durable in its construction. He’s a handsome addition to the Universal Century lineup.

My grievances are in its transformation, however. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this zeta-style transformable Mobile suit is based on the latest Zeta frame, but for some reason, I was a bit taken aback. It does appear, however, that Bandai recognized the instability of the “Z2” frame in waverider mode and added two pieces to be inserted mid-transformation to solidify the structure.
Unfortunately, those two supports don’t do a lot for the kit overall except make it harder to transform. I’ve transformed the Delta Plus three times now, and I haven’t been able to get all the way through without a panel or even a whole limb popping off. The joints that comprise the transformation mechanism are squeaky tight as there are very few poly caps involved, which is good for posing, but makes transformation fickle. The frustration with such has been steadily building, and sadly has driven me to swear off transforming it ever again. (Yes, I’ve whipped out the super glue for this one)

My advice is this: If you really REALLY like the Zeta-style transformable models, and are particularly fond of the Delta Plus, Handsome as he is, buy two: One to remain in Mobile Suit mode, and one to stay in waverider mode. I can’t imagine a single model holding up for long if you’re indecisive about it.

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