HG 1/144 Dragonar-1 Plus Lifter-1

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From "Metal Armor Dragonar", the Dragner 1 Lifter 1 equipment type is commercialized in the completely new modeling HG series.

The body shape and coloring of Dragner 1 are reproduced in the latest format.

The lifter 1 that can be equipped on the back is equipped with a movable gimmick, and it is possible to reproduce the image in the play such as "parked state".

In addition to abundantly characteristic weapons, head eaves parts with the image of the opening are also included.

● Reproduce Dragner-1 in the latest format with completely new modeling

The characteristic body shape is reproduced with attention to detail, from the external armor to the internal structure of the air intakes on the chest and legs.

Each part is equipped with a range of motion and gimmicks that enable the production of scenes in the play. The impressive tricolor aircraft color is reproduced by dividing the parts.


The intake of the honeycomb structure is reproduced in detail by dividing the parts!


The slide gimmick allows you to create poses with a high degree of freedom.

Reproduce the internal frame!

Dragner 1 can be assembled by attaching armor.

Booster nozzles are deployed!

The booster that deploys at maximum acceleration is reproduced with a replaceable type.

Reproduce the coloring of each part with molding color!

The coloring of each part including the red and blue lines of the calf part of the leg is reproduced with the molding color by dividing the parts!

● "Lifter 1" can be equipped!

Three-dimensional "Lifter 1", an additional equipment for the atmosphere of Dragonar-1.

The main wing, aileron, and turbofan engine are movable, and the parked state can be reproduced.

A 5-unit dual missile pod is attached to the main wing.

-Comes with opening image parts!

Includes head eaves parts inspired by Dragner 1 that appears in the opening. Can be reproduced by replacing parts.

-Comes with various weapons

Includes a wealth of weapons such as the "75mm Hand Railgun LPS9".

Various poses are possible with the movable wrist parts. Comes with a hybrid shield.

Includes hand parts that move around the wrist.

Two types of grip and gunner parts are included.

● Optional parts are included!

Optional parts such as throw-in bombs are included! Can be stored in each part of the machine.

Grenade for MA / Slow In Bomb

The shoulder armor grenade for MA is removable, and the throw-in bomb can be equipped on the arm.


The 75mm handrail gun LPS9 type magazine is removable. You can equip two on each arm.

Assault knife for hand-to-hand combat

Can be stored in the calf.

Attached armament: Lifter 1 / 75mm handrail gun LPS9 type / Hybrid shield / 2 Lotus 105mm handrail cannon /

Laser sword for hand-to-hand combat / Assault knife for hand-to-hand combat / Slow-in bomb / Grenade for MA

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