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Angle Cutting Station
Effortless Smooth Cutting With 180° Stepless Adjustment
Imported Blades | Easy to Use | Higher Pressure | Simple Operation

All New Structural Design, Higher Precision, and Simple Operation
158 * 158mm extra large working area and 180° stepless adjustment to meet more demands. Internally fitted stainless steel roller balls ensure smoother rotation. Angle guidance block on both sides plus clearly engraved scale readings secures precision cutting results
Set required cutting angle by adjusting knob on left side, set required cutting length by adjusting distance between two guiding blocks via right knob. Fasten knobs after adjustment to start cutting.

Improved Efficiency
Once parameters are set, you may repeat cutting with precision and high efficiency, no other auxiliary tools required.
The precision angle cutting station is capable for cutting parts between 3~49mm. Experiments show an average cutting speed of 8 pieces finished within 30 seconds using cutting station while traditional cutting method can only finish 4 pieces of same spec and time: Efficiency is doubled.

Cut With Any Given Angle
Turn the guiding block with pointer aiming required angle, fasten knob and you are good to go. Simple to set and works effectively.

Ergonomic Handle
The ergonomic wavy shape of handle provides comfort grip and great torque transmission. Handle damping adjustment is available via fine tuning of the bolt shaft.

Imported Blades
Blades manufactured in Germany are extremely sharp, durable, and rust free for clean and smooth cut.

Packing Details
Angle Cutting Station x1
Silicon antislip pad x1
Spanner x4

Keep out of reach of children under 14 years of age
place jig on flat and solid surface to ensure perfect result
Never let your finger lay underneath the blade, wear proper protection when necessary.
This product is designed for plastic cutting only. Do not attempt to cut metal with this jig to avoid damaging the blade.

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Super cool, high quality tool from Dspiae. This thing is solid.

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