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AT-EH 3.175MM General Purpose Tool Holder

  • Light-weight construction: Completely machined from aluminum alloy stock, eliminating fatigue in prolonged work.
  • Precise positioning: Tools are fastened slip free by a hex socket screw for your precision requests.
  • Comfortable in hand: Just like holding a pen, the cylindrical shaped holder fits your hand with comfort.
  • Mainstream configuration: Fit all cutting tools in the market with 3.175 shank.

Excellent Compatibility

DSPIAE general purpose tool holders are machined from aluminum alloy stock, light weight and comfortable to grip. It's recommended to use with DSPIAE's push broach series, hook broach series, triangular scraper and scribing needles.
Steady Holding
Tools are Fastened using a hex socket screw to prevent slipping, that provides you the precision needed for your modeling misalignment or even damage of your tools. USE TOOLS WITH 3.175 SHANK ONLY to prevent misalignment or even damage of your tools.

Threaded Cap

DSPIAE general purpose tool holder features a threaded aluminum alloy cap that can protect your tools from accidental dropping

Convenient Storage

A set of stickers is included in the package, containing specifications for full range of DSPIAE cutting / scribing tools currently available for ease of storage and management. Be commander of your own scribing tool fleet!


  • Do not let children under 14 years of age use this product without parental guidance to avoid risk of injury
  • DO NOT drop, bend or tap this product to avoid damage or malfunction.
  • For tools with 3.175mm shank only. A mismatched tool may cause damage to your holder.
  • Hook broach and push broaches shown are for display only and are not included in this product.

Package contents:

  • 1x 3.175mm general purpose tool holder
  • 1x Allen hex wrench
  • 1x Cutting tool specification sticker set

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