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Hand Held Vise

Dead Zone Free Hand Painting Vise With Precision Fixture
Rigid and Durable | Exquisite Construction | Handy Gripping | Convenient and High Efficiency

A Meaningful Core Under a Simplified Appearance
A compact vise specifically designed for hand held modeling works that suits high end customers who have higher demands of painting and building manipulations.
Stable and Effective
CNC machined with 0.002cm tolerance, double guide rail design for ultimate precision fixture, silicon rubber tubing protects parts from scratching
Precision Fixture
Vise jaws may be used to hold smaller parts which can not fit into steel bars properly. Jaws have flat interface with anti slip lining for positive gripping and protection
Cross Slot Design
Slots with triangular cross section are 0.35mm deep and 0.7mm (max) wide. These are designed to hold tiny parts of cylindrical shape or are oddly shaped with a tiny "tail" so that you can manipulate with higher precision
Full Directional Adjustment
306 degree rotation with side tilt allows a 3D view for your pin point paint job.
90 degree Slot Design
The 90 degree slot on the ball locking mechanism allows up to 90 degree tilted fixture of part for ease of painting bottom section of your model.

Packing Details

  • Hand Held Vise x1
  • Pedestal x1
  • Silicon Rubber Tubing x1
  • Stainless Steel Dowel Bars x6
  • Anti Slip Pad x2

  • Contains small parts, keep out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.
  • Be sure the vise is correctly fitted on the pedestal to avoid damaging your parts by accidental capsize.
  • Be sure the parts dimension and weight are not exceeding that of the vise to avoid accidental capsize.
  • Avoid dropping the vise which can cause damage/malfunction
  • Avoid direct contact with acid, alkaline and other corrosive liquids to avoid damaging the vise.

The original packaging will continue to be shipped until they are gone and replaced with the redesign

Customer Reviews

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50 mm base miniatures max size

The images for the hand held miniature vise look like it could hold larger than a 50 mm base model. 50 mm is the absolute maximum it will accommodate. All other aspects are fantastic. The ability to rotate the model on the ball joint while holding the handle upright makes painting weird angles a breeze. It also has a stand that comes with a textured sticker for the bottom so it won’t slide. I never knew I needed this functionality but now I use it quite a lot. I paint a TON of miniatures and have used everything from toilet paper rolls with 3d printed tops to expensive GW holders and I prefer this hand vise by far. Glad Dspiae is looking out for the miniature painters while still releasing amazing Gunpla tools.

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