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Aluminum Alloy Hand Saw
State-of-art Cutting Edge
Premium Craftsmanship | Magnetic Locking Cap Design | Handy and Convenient | Raising Efficiency

Premium Craftsmanship
Integral multi-section design for optimized handling and control.
Aluminum and ABS construction with natural texture.

Safe and Handy
Magnetic locking cap can be used as either protection cover to keep blade from hurting people and keeps saw teeth sharp or used as a handle extension to increase gripping cofortness.

Tough and Thin Saw Blades
Stainless steel construction with 0.3mm thickness and great strength. Suits advanced modelers better.

Cutting effortlessly
High density saw teeth design for more even stress distribution that effectively prevents blade stuck and assures clean, neat cut.

Instructions for replacing saw blade.
  1. Use philips screw driver to remove locking screw.
  2. Take out the dull blade.
  3. Install new blade.
  4. Fasten locking screw to complete replacement.

Packing Details:
  • Aluminum Alloy Hand Saw x1
  • Hand Saw Blade - Fine (Wide) x1

  • Keep out of reach of children under 14 years of age.
  • Keep recapped after use to avoid accidental drop that may result in bodily injury or damage to the product.
  • Take adequate safety measurements when usin gthis product.
  • Contains extremely sharp edges, wear proper protection when necessary.

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