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Parallel Scribing Tool
Neat, Hassle Free Parallel Line Scribing
Convenient and High Efficiency | Higher Precision | Simple Operation | Increase Efficiency

Ergonomic Design That Reduces Fatigue
This scribing tool features a beefed up design in all dimensions with more ergonomic curvatures that fits in you palm comfortably.

Tungsten Carbide Pins
Specially designed triangular pyramid shaped scribing pin made of tungsten steel ensures smooth and stable scribing actions with higher efficiency.

No More Headaches
Parallel and equidistant scribing made simple and easy with this tool

Get your Job Done Neatly
Unique pin shape provides straight and smooth engraved lines with adequate and consistent depth.

Packing Details
Parallel Scribing Tool x1
Tungsten Carbide Pin x1

Keep Out of reach of children under 14 years of age to avoid injury.
Scribing pin has very sharp point. Use carefully and wear necessary protection.
Do NOT drop or tap this product to avoid damage or malfunction.
Scribing pins are consumables. Install replacements periodically for best results.

Use PSP-01 Pin For Parallel Scribing Tool for replacing pin as needed

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