DSPIAE - DS3 Reusable Sanding Sponges, 3mm thickness (6 Options)


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Reusable Sanding Sponge
Evenly Spread Particles, Great Durability, Residue Free
Premium Quality | Extra Durability | Wet N' Dry Application | Great Convenience

Premium Quality
Processed from Composite membrane abrasives with evenly spread particles. Wet or Dry application with less loose particles for better efficiency.

Great Convenience
5 grid storage case for easy arrangement of different grits. Contains most common specs for daily use to suit various demands. Multi-colored for quick identification of different grits. 

Cut At Will
May be cut into any shape per requirement, suitable for sanding job.

Extra Durability
Clean after use to regain most of the sharpness.

Please choose sandpapers of suitable grit and thickness, or cut them into required shapes and size for your job.
It is suggested to start sanding with coarse sandpapers and then transit gradually into finer ones.
Please do NOT tear the product, which may cause irregular fracture. Cut with scissors or hobby knife.
Sand Papers may become dull or torn after prolonged use. Please replace in time for best results.

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