DSPIAE - MKS Super Metallic Markers (3 Options + Refill)


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Super Metallic Color Markers 
The secret for superb metallic finish
One Touch Coverage | Vibrant Color Rendition | Dual Tip Design | Safe and ECO Friendly

Vibrant Color Rendition
Comparing to traditional acrylic tips, DSPIAE's nylon tip used on its markers features more fluent paint flow, smoother coating and finer metal particles, further enhanced by self-leveling formula, even rookie users can easily achieve a stunning pro finish.
For larger surfaces, paint can be extracted from marker and diluted at 1:0.5 ratio for spray painting. Chrome Silver can be directly used for spraying without dilution. 

Dual Tip Design
0.5/2.0mm tips are installed/stored on the end of the marker/inside the cap. 
Wrap with paper tissue to pull the installed tip out and insert another for a simple exchange that suits your demands better.

Manipulation Demo:

  1. To start the pen before first use, shake well and press tip down to release any trapped air.
  2. Give a thorough clean of part surface (the cleanliness is essential for final result of mirror finish)
  3. Gently paint on part in long, even stroke with uni-direction movement, avoid cross painting.
  4. Wait for about 10seconds for paint leveling. Do not touch the paint until it dries thoroughly after 12 hours.


  • Keep out of reach of children under 3 years old to avoid injury
  • Avoid dropping, bending or tapping the tip, which may cause damage and malfunction.
  • Do NOT touch the paint coating until it is thoroughly dry after 12 Hours. 
  • Use Water based clear paint for protective coating.
  • Shake well before first time use, press tip down to let trapped air escape.
  • Do NOT use neat open flame. In case of swallowing call for medical aid ASAP

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