DSPIAE - MP-01 PRO Poseidon Moisturizing Color Mixing Box


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Moisturizing Color Mixing Tray for Acrylic Paints
  • Great Endurance for Moisturizing
  • Ready for Use Upon Opening
  • Specifically Designed for Acrylic Paints
Water Storage and Moisturizing | Highly Effectinve | Strong and Durable | User Friendly Design

Long Term Moisturizing Ready for Use Upon Opening
Water storage sponge holds ample quantity of water and transferring moisture to the color mixing paper on top via inductive layers, thus keeping paints in fresh condition.
Removable Color Tray
Paint storage and mixing area are made of polished PP plastic for durability and easy cleaning. These components can be removed separately, can also be used to collect used decal backing paper.
Top Water Injection Design
Water injection port on upper right corner for convenient water injection, no need to peel off color mixing paper.
Hidden Hinges
Hidden hinges for smooth opening/closing action and seamless enclosure.
Top / Bottom Interaction.
Cover can be folded underneath to save space
Thickened ABS Tray
Water inductive granule at the bottom of the thickened ABS tray helps even distribution
  • Acrylic Paint Mixing Tray x1
  • Water Storage Sponge x1
  • Water Induction Paper x3
  • Color Mixing Paper x10
  • Use only purified water to avoid breeding bacteria and/or mildew
  • Anti-fungal agent may be used to eliminate odors
  • Avoid storing in temperature higher than 40C
  • Color mixing plate should avoid exposure to direct sunlight for best results
  • Pay attention to water level to avoid drying out paints
  • This product is designed for acrylic paints and other water based colors, not suitable for enamels or lacquer paints.
  • Color mixing paper are not designed for multiple use. Replace with new piece after each session for best results.

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Replacement Color Mixing Paper from DSPIAE

Replacement Infiltrating Palette Paper from DSPIAE

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