DSPIAE - NG-01 Non-Whitening (non-fogging) Instant Adhesive


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Non-fogging Instant CA

Low fogging | Instant bond | Permanent form | Great versatility

  • High capacity: 20g bottle, Long shelf life
  • Instant bonding: Non-fogging instant CA, fast bonding, no need to wait
  • Low fogging: No worry for the mess-up of your original color
  • Durability: No risk of debonding once glued together

Precise Application

Non-fogging instant CA is packed with 3x plastic applicator for precise bonding. For a clogged plastic applicator, simply cut off the clogged section from tip and its ready to use again.

Cure in 3 seconds without fogging

The non-fogging instant CA can bond in only 3 seconds, saves you from the time and trouble to position the parts and hold them together. The special formula of glue eliminates fogging at the joints. Normal CA glue leaves a fogging joint when cured. DSPIAE NG-01 shows the original color through the joint after curing.

Packing Details

  • 1x Non-fogging instant CA glue
  • 3x Plastic applicator


See also: DSPIAE - LG-02 Low-Whitening (low-fogging) Gel Instant Adhesive



  • DO NOT let children under 14 years of age use this product without adult attendance to avoid injury
  • Use this product in well ventilated area to avoid pollution in confined space
  • DO NOT use this product near open flame or high ambient temperature to avoid fire
  • In case of spill in eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and call for emergency medical care
  • Consume quickly after opening to obtain best performance


  • Product name: Non-fogging instant CA glue
  • Model: NG-01
  • Resin Category: Cyanoacrylate Resin
  • Shear strength: 12MPa
  • Typical Viscosity: 95cps
  • Complete curing time: 3hrs
  • Capacity: 20g

Replacement Precision Plastic Applicator from DSPIAE

This product is considered flammable and can only be shipped within the continental United States. We cannot ship flammable items to USPS PO Boxes.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Andrew Hernandez

    DSPIAE - NG-01 Non-Whitening (non-fogging) Instant Adhesive

    Great price.

    I just received my glue and haven't tried it yet, but it looks to be a thin set type of glue that includes 3 precision tips. The tips look like needles, but are actually plastic.

    I'm going to give this item 5 stars for price, 20g size ( pretty standard "large" size) and the inclusion of the 3 tips.

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