DSPIAE - Phoenix Plume Interchangeable Brush Holder and Panel Liner (3 Options)


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Phoenix Plume
With The Grace Of A Phoenix, The Power Of A Dragon
Panel Line Marker | Fine Detailing Brush | Broad Painting Brush

Ergonomic Design
Elongated handle with triangular cross section for better balance and directional stability

Robust and Corrosion Resistant Construction
*Corrosion free black PP grip section

Painting Fine Details
Premium nylon brush tips for smooth touch and precision control

Multipurpose Handle
Interchangeable tips for various application scenario

Keep out of reach of children under 14 years of age to avoid bodily injury.
Static electricity may cause fluid splashing during winter session, please mind dischargeing the static electricity before use.
Broad and fine brush tip is not included is not included in the fine detailing brush and broad painting brush package and have to be purchased separately.
Panel line marker nibs, fine detailing brush tips and broad painting brush tips are consumable items which should be replaced after prolonged use to ensure best results.
Please recap after use to avoid damage or injury caused by accidental dropping.


DSPIAE - FBT Fine Brush Tips (4 Types)

DSPIAE - FBT Broad Brush Tips (4 Types)

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Ashley Sumpter

I really love Dspiae’s products a lot and I highly recommend this.

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