DSPIAE - PT-C Integral Stepless Circular Cutter


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Integral Circular Cutter
An ideal circular cutter with all you need
Integral Design | Keep Visual Contact With Your Work | Adjustable Pressure | Better Storage Design

Integral Design
New generation of integrated multi-function design for easy circular cutting

Keep Visual Contact With Your Work
Highly transparent three dimension scale panel with concentric circles for fast, easy cutting. Crystal clear panel allows see-thru visual contact of your work for improved accuracy.

Adjustable Pressure
Pressurized coil mount is adjustable for smooth cutting while protecting the cutting bit for longer service life.

Better Storage Design
Magnetic locking storage compartment keeps cutting bits from play around and fall off.

Diameter Scope
Radius scale allows cutting circles from 1mm to 50mm (allow =/- 0.1mm tolerance for manual adjustment of radius.)

Keep out of reach of children under 14 years of age to avoid injury.
Keep away from paints or solvents to avoid staining scales which may lower accuracy
Avoid stacking on product which may cause scratching.
Uninstall the cutting bit each time after use to avoid damage.

Replacement cutting bits DSPIAE - MT-CB Tungsten Steel Blades 3pcs

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