DSPIAE - MKM Soft Tipped Markers - Metallic Series


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Eco-friendly acrylic soft tipped markers.

Uses superior sponge tips for more versatile applications. The marker allows you to control the thickness of the strokes freely, giving you ease of use.

11 colors available, more colors to come.

Specially formulated sponge tips. Easily covers every small detail. Remove easily with alcohol. Higher tolerance for mistakes.

Use the side of the tip and brush gently to cover a wide area easily. A single stroke results in an evenly coat. Use the marker based on your personal preference.

Please cap the marker if not in use to prevent the tip from drying. If the tip is dry, lightly dip the tip in alcohol to wet it.

The coverage will be better after sanding with a 1000 grit sandpaper or after spraying primer onto the piece. A top coat after painting will effectively protect the paint surface.

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Customer Reviews

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Tj Kern

DSPIAE - MKM Soft Tipped Markers - Metallic Series

Alexander Drakeford
DSPIAE - MKM Soft Tipped Markers - Metallic Series

Was worth the buy it does good work and metallic looks great to my gunpla

Edward Lisuzzo
I Love These Paint Markers

Coverage is wonderful, they seem to self level, no shaker ball inside, metallics look great as well. The tips are like a sort foam, pointed brush tip. Paint flow to the tip is very good as well as coverage. The Blue is lighter than the color on the cap.

There are a few thing though you should be aware of.. 1) they dry fast, 2) you need to prime the surface, and 3) the pigment will rub off if not sealed with clear coat.
Any clear coat will do, spay can or airbrush.

All in all I do find a place for these on my hobby desk for smaller items. Or if you invested in the DSPAIE bottled paints than these also make a good touch up marker. Colors are limited in the non-metallic colors. They dry with a Matte look.

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