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Glutton PRO
Seamless Adjustment. Powerful Yet Silent Dust Collection.

Brand New Connection
More power, less noise

Modular Design
Easy to disassemble for thorough cleaning. Bonus brush and cloth for easy cleaning.

Seamless Adjustment
Powered by brushless DC motor for longer service life. Wind speed can be adjusted seamlessly (5.7m/s max), thus you have full control of the noise level (65db under maximum wind speed). Added lighting effect display in percentage scale, color and gear change with wind speed.

Circular light Infill
Supports step-less adjustment of brightness and color temperature (4000-6000k). Color lighting to help you check for blemishes. Warmer lights protect your eyes for a fatigue free prolonged building session.

This is a dedicated functional application program for DSPIAE users. On touch wind speed control and customized lighting effects can be achieved via this program.

Premium HEPA Filter Core
Selected HEPA filter core which can achieve 65% interception rate of 0.3um particles
*DSPIAE suggests a thorough cleaning of this filter after every 120 minutes of consecutive work and a replacement filter after 60 days of accumulative work.

Power Plug Adapter
The Glutton uses 12V DC modular power supply with 4 power plug conversion adapters which allow our customers to use their equipment in different part of the world.

Packing Details
Glutton Sanding Dust Collector x1
Dust Removal Cloth x1
User Manual x1
Dust Removal Brush X1
Power Adaptor X1
Socket Converter X4

Keep out of reach of children under 14 years of age to avoid accidental injury
Always clean your equipment after unplugging to avoid electrical shock
Keep hands dry when plugging/unplugging your equipment to avoid electrical shock
Read instructions carefully before disassemble your equipment for cleaning
Remove dusts from filter in time to keep off bacterial and ensure best results
Keep finger/part out of fan blades to avoid personal injury or equipment loss
Specifications and performance parameters may vary slightly due to test and measuring equipment
DO NOT try to use this product as water curtain box as paint or solvents may cause damage of the equipment

Replacement filters T1-F01 HEPA Filter For Sanding Dust Collector

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