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Benzene Free, Low Odor, Low Shrinking

PACKAGING CHANGE for T-01, T-02, T-03, T-04. We will be fulfilling orders with the old packaging until we run out. Images of both bottles are available above.


T-01 Standard Color Thinner (Old Bottle) Standard Use Paint Thinner (New Bottle): Painstakingly formulated for plastic model kits using raw materials from DOW and Exxon Mobil, it is designed not only for diluting DSPIAE's lacquer paints, but also perfectly compatible with most available lacquer paints on the market from mainstream manufacturers. Paints diluted with this thinner are smooth and even, with superb adhesion yet remains low solubility to plastic thanks to our special formulation.

T-02 Air Brush Ω Color Thinner (Old Bottle) Professional Thinner (New Bottle): Despite inheriting those great features of our standard thinner, the professional thinner is unique in effectively reducing surface tension of paint layers. Lacquer paints tend to evaporate constantly when drying, causing the paint coating to shrink unevenly, forming a sandpaper alike coarse texture. DSPIAE professional thinner's superb volatility guarantees an extra smooth finish of your paint job, especially helpful when a high gloss, mirror like finish is required in larger area.

T-03 Cleaner Tool Wash (Old Bottle) Tools Cleaner (New Bottle): Ideal for cleaning your airbrush after painting session. Superb cleaning results for DSPIAE and other major brands lacquer paints, as well as enamel paints. Quick volatilization with low harmful residue. Test indicates 50ml T-03 poured on a test panel can volatilize completely within a 10 minute interval. Recap tightly to avoid unnecessary waste.

T-04 Plastic Model Coating Remover (Old Bottle) Paint Stripper (New Bottle): Raw Materials imported from Dow Chemical company, U.S.A. and painstakingly formulated for plastic model kits, our paint stripper featuring extra low corrosion to various materials used for plastic molding process. Use DSPIAE paint stripper to enjoy easy and thorough stripping of lacquer and acrylic paints without sacrificing your plastic model's integrity and flexibility. Protects your delicate parts from turning them as brittle as biscuits, and a final 5 minute bath with our ultrasonic cleaner your parts are shining like new again.

T-05 Metallic Paint Thinner: T-05 is specifically designed for diluting metallic paints. Compares to T-01/06 thinners it has better carriage of fine metal grits in ordered arrangement to obtain a much smoother finish. This is achieved by means of adding high molecular polymers. Although this thinner is best used with DSPIAE metallic paints, it is fully compatible with most metallic paint brands on the market.
T-06 Retarding Thinner: We always try to avoid high ambient temperature and humidity when painting out models since normally the rapid volatility of thinners would trap moisture inside paint layer and leave a trace of nasty foggy white appearance. This is specifically true when using flat coats. To overcome this problem, our T-06 thinner contains a special high boiling point ingredient which is environmentally friendly and can effectively retard the drying time of paint coating (less moisture trapped inside), thus significantly reduce the whitening while giving your paint job a finer, smoother finish.
T-07 Universal Tools Cleaner (for acrylic and lacquer paints): It becomes a common practice nowadays that modelers use paints of various types to complete their models, yet most tool cleaners on the market are designed for specific type of paint. This made the cleaning of airbrushes and other tools troublesome after each painting session. Now comes our T-07 tool cleaner that is targeted to take care of this issue. Tests proved it is perfectly functional to all paint types currently available on the market, including lacquers, acrylics, as well as enamels. 
T-08 Enamel Thinner: Enamels are traditional type of modeling paints, ideal for brush application, easy to blend, and normally has super fine dry particles. However the slow drying nature becomes the biggest drawback of the type and kept many modelers away from it. With our T-08 enamel thinner these are no longer the problem. The updated formula features low corrosion to currently popular plastic types used on injection molding process which effectively protects your kit parts from getting brittle.
For use with DSPIAE Color Master Paints:

This product is considered flammable and can only be shipped within the continental United States. We cannot ship flammable items to USPS PO Boxes.

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Pedro Hernandez

DSPIAE - Colour Master - Thinner (15 Types)

Nail polish remover formulated for model kits.

T-04 Paint Stripper does what it's intended for. It smells a bit like nail polish remover.

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