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365nm UV Touch Light

Versatile | 2-way charging | 3 Lighting modes | Stylish design

  • UV @365nm wavelength perfectly illuminates the beauty of fluorescence. 1200mAh high capacity
  • Li-Fe battery that can be used as a power bank
  • Ideal for use with 365nm bandwidth light curing putty
  • High\low\strobe mode selectable switch

  • Black filter: Fitted with black 365nm UV filter lens to obtain purified UV by means of filtering stray lights and enhance the reflection of fluorescence.
  • UV lightbulb with 365 wavelength: Ideal use to display models painted with fluorescent paints. DSPIAE fluorescent paints are recommended.
  • USB charge port: Can be used as a power bank with 1200mAh capacity to provide power supply for other smart devices.
  • One touch switch: High/Low/Strobe lighting mode switch
  • Micro-USB charging port: Red light twinkling indicates charging in progress, red light steady indicates charging completed
  • Rubber dust proof cover: Rubber dust proof cover keeps precision internal parts from dust
CAUTION: Quick charge for smartphones should NOT be used to charge this touch light

3 Lighting Mode
  • High rate: Illuminating fluorescent paint coating on models with more intensified light, shorten curing time of the light curing putty of 365nm wavelength
  • Low rate: Illuminating fluorescent paint coating on models with softer light, slower curing time for light curing putty of 365nm wavelength
  • Strobe: In strobe mode the light strobe at a rate of five flashes per second, which can be used to create dynamic scenes as well as enhancing visual impact

2-way charging capability
  • The touch light is fitted with a Li-Fe battery which should be properly charge before use. It also can be used as a power source for other small devices
  • WARNING: DO NOT use any quick charge for smartphones to charge this product, otherwise may cause irreversible damage of internal components
  • micro-USB PORT: For charging this UV touch light the red light will twinkle charging is in progress and the light will be steady when charging is complete
  • USB port: Power supply for other smart devices. When connected a blue light turns on steadily.


We have made assessment of UV touch lights on the market and compared with our own product.


  • Bigger in size: enough room for 1200MaH Li-Fe batter with greater battery life.
  • Bigger light bulb: higher intensity of light and greater illumination coverage
  • Installed with 365nm UV black filter: able to block out stray lights and purify the UV lights, resulting in a much more obvious reflection of fluorescence.


  • More Compact designs: can only be fitted with batteries of less capacity; thus shorter battery life
  • Smaller light bulbs: less intensity of light and illumination coverage.
  • Fitted with normal transparent filter: which can not filter all the stray lights and less obvious reflection of fluorescence.

Packing Details:

We use plastic bags made of scratch proof, anti static electric CPF material to ensure our product reaches your hands safe and sound.

  • 1x DSPIAE UV Touch Light
  • 1x micro-USB wire


  • DO NOT allow children under 14 years of age use this product without adult attendance to avoid possible injury
  • DO NOT drop, bend, or tap this product to avoid damage or malfunction
  • Direct shot into human eyes is strictly prohibited to avoid visual injury
  • DO NOT use quick charge for smartphones to charge this product, which may cause damage of internal components

Customer Reviews

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Don’t how and where to use it yet but like the looks

Evan Milano
Great effects!

Easy to handle and adjust. Allows for great effects with reactive paints/plastics for cool photos.

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