Entry Grade GBM 1/144 #01 LAH Gundam

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From the Gundam Build Series' 10th anniversary video "Gundam Build Metaverse" scheduled to be released in October 2023, the main character "Lar Gundam" will appear in the "easy assembly x high quality" ENTRY GRADE!
  • No stickers required! Thanks to the sophisticated division of parts, the patterns on the shoulders and waist can be recreated just by assembling them.
  • Excellent movability while keeping the number of parts low! Poses can be decided freely.
  • Touch gate design that can be easily removed by hand without using nippers.
  • Shield x 1
  • Beam rifle x 1
  • Beam naginata x 1

Customer Reviews

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Rayzor Ramon
Another Quick and fun EG kit

It's almost 2 EG kits in 1. The Lah Gundam is a vey subtle change to the RX-78 but it has runners that include parts to build a RX-78. It's remarkably poseable and it's very stable. The only downside is,oddly enough, that there are no stickers to use for the head camera or gun scope, unless I have a defective kit that forgot to add it. It also lacks beams for the beam swords, but I have too many of those anyway. The Beam Naginata is an awesome unique weapon in comes in to pieces but can be easily held in 1 hand. The Red that it comes in was very striking and does not really match the box art or the show so I rattle can pained it Pumpkin Orange. My next task is to practice Matte spray paint. These EG kits are nice since they are cheap and really allow for proper practice of kits I believe I'm also going to practice putting on water slide decals.

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