Entry Nipper (5 Types)

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Essential BANDAI SPIRITS nipper for making plastic models is finally here!

With this, anyone can make a plastic model debut today!
With basic specifications recommended for beginners of plastic models, three grip colors are available!

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Customer Reviews

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Too small and doesn't cut as well then my nippers.

Baird Brutscher
Good for small hands

Nieces and nephew 4-9 yrs of age helped me build a kit; this is perfect for them; strong spring but not too strong, easy to hold. I can also use it in a pinch.

Joseph Lee
Great new tool

The entry nippers a wonderful addition to my tools for building gunpla. Its actually easier, faster and safer than the exacto knife i was using, plus I don't risk breaking any of the parts for the models anymore. My roommate got into building as well so I bought a second pair for him. So in my opinion these are great for fledgling gunpla builders.

Tim Lessmann
MG Sinanju (ANIMATION)review

I absolutely loved building this kit! It is by far my favorite Char suit, and this kid did it justice. The detail is amazing and it's big! It took me months to complete but I went all-out on it, except for potential weathering. I was able to customize it by adding metal power tubes, a different eyepiece, and 2 yellow led beam sabers (all purchases from Mecha Warehouse). The multiple weapons and configurations allow for awesome poses. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a kit with a little challenge and a ton of potential.

Timothy Ortiz
Small but gets it done

More for kid hands but still works
Good strong thick blade great for heavy use on thicker part of runners than I switch to a different nipper for precise cutting of part off runner
Overall worth a try

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