Eva Frame 03 (5 Options)

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EVA Frame returns with an all new lineup of EVA and Accessory Parts to construct your own 5.3" EVANGELION Unit! 

  • Lineup includes: EVA Unit-02α, EVA Unit-08γ, EVA Mark.06 and Option Parts Set.
  • Each EVA Unit includes articulated frame, armor parts, and weapon to construct your own EVANGELION!
  • Expand your EVA Frame with the Option Parts Set (Additional Weapons and Armor). One (1) option parts set per PDQ Box.

Customer Reviews

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What’s not to love about the RG Eva line of model kits. They’re really articulate with the exception being that if you put too much bend on the arms, the connection piece at the bicep and tricep area will work it’s way out. But it’s honestly not a huge deal. The rest of the kit is solid and looks great. Do yourself a favor though, get the water decals for this kit. The stickers that come with it are hot garbage. Next time you’re alone on a Saturday, build this kit. You won’t regret it.

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