EVA Frame 04 (6 Options)

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The fourth volume of Eva Frame is here! This volume includes Evangelion Units 01, 03, 08a, 1 Awakening ver and Option Set

The 4th installment of the frame-mounted movable figure series "EVA-FRAME".
"Evangelion New Theatrical Version" Appearance Eva lineup!
The first machine from ": Destruction" (Awakening Ver.). Includes "Unit 8 α" boarding Mali from ": Q".
In addition, the first machine "Crystal Purple Color Ver." Is available.
There are 10 types including 2 types of "option set" that can expand the play.

● One colored model (5 types in total)

  1. 1. Evangelion Unit 1 (Crystal Purple Color Ver.) Armor Set + 2. Evangelion Unit 1 (Crystal Purple Color Ver.) Frameset
  2. 3. Evangelion Unit 3 Armor Set + 4. Evangelion Unit 3 Frameset
  3. 5. Evangelion Unit 8 α Armor Set + 6. Evangelion Unit 8 α Frameset
  4. 7. Evangelion Unit 1 (Awakening Ver.) Armor Set + 8. Evangelion Unit 1 (Awakening Ver.) Frameset
  5. 9. Option set A + 10. Option set B (does not include frame. Frames pictured are used for demonstration purpose only)

Also available as an Assortment of 5 that will include one of each set.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    This figure looks amazing and is super posable and comes with Unit 01's basic rifle from the show. If you can get your hands on the option oarts set then you can turn Unit 04 into Bardiel, which I highly recommend! Even without it though, youre getting an awesome model kit turned super posable action figure.


    The Unit 01 awakened vers kit is very cool, even without the option parts set, and comes with the vibro knife. That said I HIGHLY recommend getting the option parts to finish off the scene from the show. Just a word of warning, the option parts arm (not included here) is clear plastic, making it a bit more fragile, and it snapped so tightly into the arm joint that I dont think I'll ever try to remove it.


    These mini model kits put a lot of figurines and action figures to shame with their dynamic posability and high quality and detail. Even the couple of stickers that come with them are perfectly cut to shape and match the paint of the plastic perfectly to fill out the color separation. A word of warning, the arm option parts for this set fit REALLY tightly making me not likely to ever try to remove them. Items arrived quickly and well packaged from Mecha Warehouse! Thank you!



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