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The first Evangelion machine is lined up in the RG series!
Pursue the reproduction of Evangelion's action pose as an RG.
■ Thorough pursuit of precise coloring expression by molding color. It can be expressed simply by assembling colorful colors.
■When leaning forward or looking up greatly, parts of the chest, abdomen, and back are interlocked like multiple armor. In particular, the chest parts move greatly, ensuring a wide range of motion.
■Reduces the interference of armor parts that occurs when bending the knee greatly. Successful in human-like joint expression by sinking back parts like the actual muscles.
■Internal parts interlock when the neck moves. Natural poses and facial expressions can be reproduced.
■Internal frame interlocks and realizes joint expression that puts shoulder and twists arm. An impressive crouching pose can be reproduced without breaking down in a form close to nature.
■ When the legs are opened, the internal parts that image the muscles work together to create a natural standing figure.
■Entry plug is included as a separate part.
■A wide variety of optional parts such as two progressive knives, one pallet rifle, six left and right hand parts, and an umbilical cable are included.

■Progressive knife x 2 types (normal/storage)
■Palette rifle x1
■Hand parts (left and right) x 6 types
■Umbilical cable x1
■Realistic decal x1

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Pairs well with Evangelion Decal #01 RG Evangelion Decal 1 from Bandai

Customer Reviews

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Skinny legend



Alex Forster
Really Nice

Overall the model is pretty nice. Decent articulation and some fun little gimmicks. My only down sides were that the build got a bit tedious and overly complex (that hip is awful). The poseability was a little lower than I’d hoped but it’s alright

Adrian Gregorio
Eva unit 1

Shipping came in earlier than expected 5stars for me

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