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The 3rd product in the Super Robot Heroes ExCreR product line. SlashCoat excelled in close combat.

The series "SUPER ROBOT HEROES" that commercializes various character robots as plastic models. The third is the "ExCreR Slash Coat," which is an armed short-range combat robot based on the original robot "ExCreR."
Newly modeled swords with different shapes equipped to respond to various situations and enemies, and front armor that has been strengthened for close-range combat. As for the additional runner, he has a large volume of 10 sheets.
In addition, the shoulder and leg joints are also newly modeled, making it easier to play than the previous work. The design is by Mr. Amatoki as in the previous work. It is possible to move each joint so that you can pose.
We used four molding colors to create a parts composition that gives a finish close to the image without painting.

Equip with various weapon and dominate in CQC

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Clay edge
An excellent third outing.

The excrer line has surprisingly become a favorite of mine. Highly detailed SD models with real grade color separation. The plastic quality is good and slightly better than high grade models.

The slash cloak has really nice colors with no painting needed at all. Plus no stickers or decals. So a major plus for me.

The third of the line actually is an improvement over previous two in the shoulders. They are proper joints as opposed to simple ball and socket plug-in. Although...its it a plug-in but the articulation is better.

I do worry about the knee joints as the pegs are extremely thin and ungodly tight. So I worry they could snap from simple posing.

I do love the weapons. 5 clear green blades, some small with one huge buster of a blade. The arms can easily support the weight and posing isn't an issue.

Overall, love the model and a great addition to the line. I do hope some day we get a fully proportioned model of any from the line. They'd be insanely popular.

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