Figure-rise Standard Amplified Dukemon/Gallantmon

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Commercialized the popular Digimon "Dukemon" from "Digimon Tamers" celebrating its 20th anniversary!

  • Amplified Dukemon designed by As' Maria is three-dimensionalized under official supervision.
  • Equipped with a plastic model original gimmick on the Holy Shield Aegis and Holy Lance Gram.
  • Produce a natural pose by wide range of movement by gimmick including expansion and contraction of joints.
  • The characteristic cloak adopts a new structure using molded products, PET sheets and seals.


  • Holy Lance Gram x 1
  • Holy Shield Aegis x 1
  • Holy Shield Aegis Pedestal x 1
  • Seal x 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Ok model, it feels closer to a hg Gundam model kit. Movement of joints are as expected. I have one gripe,the picture and instructions do not represent 100% of actual model. It shows in color part of instructions that around the top of armor where head is connected, there's suppose to have gold trim with some red, there's none. It's the same with it's connecting shoulder pieces, suppose to have gold trim, there's none. So if that bothers you for aesthetics, it will have the painted ton. Personal gripe but model does what it's intended.

Joseph Paris
Fantastic model

All parts snapped together tightly, the overall structure is very sturdy. To some extent it can feel flimsy posing but thats only due to how many parts stick out long in every which way. 10/10 model my absolute favorite in my collection

Justin Santana
A Royal Kit for a Royal Knight

This kit stands out amazingly ontop of a unique build. A welcome addition to the Amplified series. If you love digimon, get this kit!

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