Figure-rise Standard ANGEMON

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The 5th Figure-rise Standard Digimon Series! Angel type Digimon "Angemon" appears with design and proportions based on anime settings!
  • All six wings are individually movable. By connecting the ball joints at the base of each wing, it is possible to create detailed expressions when posing.
  • The hair parts can be moved up, down, left and right with the ball joint as the axis.
  • By using a soft material, the characteristic cloth parts of the left arm and right leg enable bold poses without hindering the movement of the arms and legs.
  • The base of the cloth parts on the front can be slid to expand the range of motion of the legs.
  • Effect parts for reproducing Holy Rod and Heaven's Knuckle are included.

  • Holy Rod x 1
  • Heaven's Knuckle Effect x 1
  • Seal x 1

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