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Frame Arms Girl Magatsuki is based on the Frame Arms model of the same name designed by ToMo and transformed into an original female character illustrated by E-ji

And now, a variation kit of that Magatsuki, AYATSUKI, is born!
A bonus pamphlet made by SB Creative is included with this model kit which includes special content such as an original illustration.

Model Specifications:

  • This model's gear is inspired by kunoichi (female ninja).
  • 3 types of face parts are included that were pre-painted with tampography: Normal, Smirking and Flustered.
  • The standard hairstyle has been changed to a side ponytail but can be made into twintails. This model can also have short hair as well for a total of four types of back head parts being included in this kit.
  • Bangs without headgear are included.
  • A newly-sculpted kusarigama (chain-sickle) and short knives are included.
  • A rack specific for holding the short knives on the waist is included.
  • 2 sets of the long sword “Tenkai” and short sword “Satsuga” are included.
  • Clear blade parts that include a special effect for both the long sword “Tenkai” and short sword “Satsuga” are included.
  • 3 types of newly-designed armor for the abdomen are included.
  • The armor can be equipped using the same arrangement as MAGATSUKI.
  • The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.
  • The characteristic clear armor of Magatsuki is recreated with clear parts and has engravings carved underneath.
  • The 3mm joints on the additional armor parts enable this model to be assembled and customized into various forms besides the default.
  • A simple round base is included. The attachment parts can be moved up and down.
  • Optional joint parts for the thighs are also included.
  • Hip joint parts are also included.
  • The pop-out chest and shoulder joints can be moved, allowing for a wider range of movement.
  • Using the sliding joint on the hip and the pop-out joints on the thighs together will allow for a wider range of movement.
  • The hand parts are attached with a ball joint, allowing the hands to be posed in a variety of expressions.
  • The model kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts. The hands and their joints can be exchanged with other Frame Arms Girl model kits.
  • The 3mm connection points on the arms and feet are compatible with gear from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.

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