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Frame Arms Girl Magatsuki is based on the Frame Arms model of the same name designed by ToMo and transformed into an original female character illustrated by E-ji Komatsu.

And now, a specialized attack version of Magatsuki, MAGATSUKI-HOUTEN, is born!

Model Specifications:
・Newly-sculpted Houten signature weapons, large gun weapon “Kyouten” and rifle weapon “Ootori”, are included.
・“Kyouten” can be displayed in “Focus Attack Mode” or “Scatter Attack Mode” depending on how the gun barrel is assembled.
・Attach the blade part of “Satsuga” to the bottom of the gun barrel of “Ootori” to create a bayonet weapon. This weapon can also be stored in the hangar on the model’s back using the appropriate attachment.
・Additional thrusters for the shoulders and legs are included.
・A decorative waist cloth is included. The gold lettering and design can be recreated using the included decals.
・4 types of face parts are included that were pre-painted with tampography: Smiling, Eyes Closed Smiling, Normal, and Yelling.
・The hairstyle has been changed to short hair. Magatsuki’s standard long hairstyle is also included in the kit.
・Besides Magatsuki’s standard bangs, newly-designed bangs wearing the face guard is included. A stand-alone face guard is also included.
・Bangs without headgear are included.
・The armor features a crimson-red coloring.
・The kit includes decals for the eyes, gold markings, and other parts.
・The characteristic clear armor of Magatsuki is recreated with clear parts and has engravings carved underneath.
・The 3mm joints enable this model to be assembled into the default form as well as a special “Kunoichi Mode”. Various accessories can also be attached giving users the ability to customize this model.
・2 sets of the specialized weapons, long sword “Tenkai” and short sword “Satsuga”, are included.
・Clear blade parts that include a special effect for both the long sword “Tenkai” and short sword “Satsuga” are included.
・The sheathed/unsheathed versions of the weapons can be recreated without replacement parts.
・Joint parts are included to attach the long sword Tenkai to the model’s heel.
・It is possible to assemble the headgear into a large version, or into 2 smaller variants.
・A simple round base is included. The attachment parts can be moved up and down.
・Optional joint parts for the thighs are also included.
・Hip joint parts are also included.
・The pop-out chest and shoulder joints can be moved, allowing for a wider range of movement.
・Using the sliding joint on the hip and the pop-out joints on the thighs together will allow for a wider range of movement.
・The wrists are articulated with ball joints that allow users to be able to create a variety of poses.
・The model kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts. The hands, including joints, can be interchanged with those of the existing Frame Arms Girl series.
・The 3mm connection points on the arms and legs are compatible with gear from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.

【What is Frame Arms Girl?】

Frame Arms Girl is a spin-off of Kotobukiya’s original model kit series, Frame Arms, that creates a bishoujo-style character for each mecha.
The kits come with multi-colored parts and face parts pre-printed with tampography, making them easy to assemble with no paint required.

Equipped with the signature 3mm joints and PVC hands from Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl models can be combined with a variety of parts from series such as M.S.G (Modeling Support Goods), Frame Arms, and more!

The latest models’ heads, arms, and legs in the series are fully compatible with each other, so users can create their very own unique Frame Arms Girl!

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