Frame Arms Girl Zelfikar ST Ver.

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The latest model to join the Frame Arms Girl spin-off series based on Kotobukiya’s original Frame Arms robot series is Zelfikar ST (Standard) Version!

Based on the mech “Zelfikar” designed by Takayuki Yanase, the adorable Frame Arms Girl version of Zelfikar features character art by Humikane Shimada!



Model Specifications:
l The kit includes parts with the color schemes of the Baselard and Zelfikar Frame Arms Girl models.
l The kit includes four of Zelfikar’s signature “Gun Rapier” weapons.
l The kit includes three pre-painted face parts (Smiling/Looking forward, Smiling/Eyes closed, and Crying/Looking right).
l Zelfikar’s armor parts can be reconfigured to build the “Blast Shield.”
l The kit includes extra support arms for the weapons.
l The model includes accessories and tail parts to recreate “Bunny Mode.”
l The kit includes six sets of PVC hand parts and wrist joints that are compatible with the hand parts from other Frame Arms Girl kits.
l The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.
l The weapon and armor can be changed out to display the model in a variety of modes, from unarmed to fully armed.
l The shoulder joints include extension parts that make them compatible with the arms from Baselard or other Frame Arms Girl models.
l The 3mm connectors on the arms and feet are compatible with gear from the MSG and Frame Arms series.  
*This kit does not include the hair parts for Baselard, and cannot be used to build Baselard’s head.

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Mike Hens

Frame Arms Girl Zelfikar ST Ver.

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