Frame Arms 1/100 #S09 Type 48 Model 2 Kagatsuchi-Otsu Fencer RE:2


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**NOTE: According to Kotobukiya this item may or may not contain a defective runner piece. The replacement pieces will be sent along with your order in case you receive a defective runner.**


Model Specifications:

The armor variant of TYPE48MODEL2 KAGUTSUCHI-OTSU SNIPER, KAGUTSUCHI-OTSU FENCER rejoins the FRAME ARMS series! From the designer of the original Kagutsuchi, Kou Inaba, newly designed large-sized weapons are included with this model kit that is completely different from the “sniper” variant.

■The color scheme of the main body and extra armor has been changed for an updated appearance.

■The blade weapon "Experimental Type 3 Hatchet" that is 180mm in length is included and can be securely equipped using the subarm.

■The original rifle "Type 102 Autocannon Hibiki" and shield "Type 95 Shield System Iwato" are included.

■Newly designed ankle joints are used for greater stability and a wider range of movement.

■Special hand parts are included to securely hold the larger weapon parts.


Changes Made in Model “:RE2”

■The hand parts use swing joints. “FA Hand 2” are included that includes gun-holding hand parts.

■The model uses Frame Architect Renewal Ver. for the base frame. The Frame Architect is made of PS plastic and not pre-assembled in this model kit.

■The hips of Frame Architect uses the standard joints parts of SA-16Ex STYLET MULTI WEAPON EXPANSION TEST TYPE for more secure support.

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