Frame Arms 1/100 #029 Type 48 Model 2 Kagatsuchi-Otsu Sniper RE:2

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Model Specifications:

TYPE48MODEL1 KAGUTSUCHI-KOU rejoins the FRAME ARMS series with a new color scheme and equipped with newly designed weapons! Like the original Kagutsuchi, this model’s new units were designed by Kou Inaba. This model kit is highly compatible with Kotobukiya’s other original model kits, giving you extra bang for your buck.

■A new color scheme is used for the model for an updated appearance.

■The chest, shoulders, and thigh parts are equipped with newly designed extra armor and a new sensor is included for the head part.

■While this model is only 235mm in length, it comes with a newly sculpted large gunweapon "Type 110 Extra Long Range Cannon Murakumo".

■The original rifle "Type 102 Autocannon Hibiki" and shield "Type 95 Shield System Iwato" are included.

■Newly designed ankle joints are used for greater stability and a wider range of movement.

■Special hand parts are included to securely hold the larger weapon parts.

 Changes Made in Model “:RE2”

■The hand parts use swing joints. “FA Hand 2” are included that includes gun-holding hand parts.

■The model uses Frame Architect Renewal Ver. for the base frame. The Frame Architect is made of PS plastic and not pre-assembled in this model kit.

■The hips of Frame Architect uses the standard joints parts of SA-16Ex STYLET MULTI WEAPON EXPANSION TEST TYPE for more secure support.

*The Frame Architect parts are not pre-assembled and only includes runners necessary to assemble this product.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel M.
Pose it and forget it

The kit was decent enough, nub marks were a bit of a pain. Some of the color separation left a lot to be desired given that there were no color correction stickers for this kit (not even for the eyes) and the sniper a different color than some the kit shows for no discernible reason. Posing it can be a pain due to the way most of the joints are constructed. Though it does look amazing if you’re willing to put the work into it, just don’t expect high action poses.

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