Full Mechanics 1/100 Forbidden Gundam

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From ``Mobile Suit Gundam SEED'', the Forbidden Gundam equipped with a deformation mechanism has been made into a 1/100 full mechanics model with the latest arrangement and structure!
Finally, the three machines driven by the Boosted Man of the Earth Allied Forces are assembled in full mechanics!
  • Pursuing mechanical design, achieving both high-density detail and ease of assembly.
  • Dense mechanical modeling, from the inside of the exhaust port to the molding on the back of the armor.
  • The blade parts of the Jufunshuren ``Nizheg'' have two types of surface finishes to express different textures.
  • The energy cable connected from the backpack is reproduced with the included varnish tube.
  • The energy deflection armor "Geschmeidich Panzer" has a flexible arm that can be moved and a shield deployed.
  • The connection part of the backpack has multiple axes and can be adjusted to any angle with movement.
  • The collar moves in conjunction with the rotation of the chest intake block. The head sinks as it moves, allowing the backpack to move without interference and transform into a high-speed assault mode with minimal motion.
  • In addition to deploying the 88mm railgun "Ekzaan", it is also possible to rotate the magnetic field generator that changes the trajectory of the Fresberg. Reproduce convincing action scenes with delicate production.

  • Needs Heg x 1
  • Action base joint x 1
  • Varnish tube x 2
  • Seal x 2 types

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