GM01-GM21 Gundam Markers (21 colors)

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Gundam Markers for applying color to small parts on model kits like GunPla. Paint can also be extracted into a small tray to be hand brushed on or used with sold separately Gundam Marker Airbrush. Shake before use.

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Customer Reviews

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Not quite as useful as I hoped. Other Gundam markers are probably better

Emilio Aguirre

I bought this Gundam Marker (GM) to replace the Dspiae Marker (DM) of the same color. The DM was having problems with the paint, it was thin and runny and wouldn't stay on the part that I painted. I'm not sure what going on with the DM but it's ok now. The GM leaves a narrower, but thicker coat of paint on the part than the DM which leaves a wider and thinner layer of paint on one stoke of the marker. I painted on bare PS. I'm not sure what type of paint the GM is but I can see it left a stain or something when I removed the paint compared to the Dspiae didn't effect the part at all.

Joseph Galindo
Works great

Works great, amazing variety, perfect for painting small parts or details easily.

Darius Mitchell

GMxx Gundam Markers

Esteban Gutierrez
Amazing markers!

Perfect for highlighting details in kits and making them pop out

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