GMS-113 Real Touch Marker Set #2

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Real touch gray 3, Real touch brown, Real touch green, Real touch yellow, Real touch pink, Grading marker. Convenient set for realistic weathering and smudging painting effects. If you use this set with Real Touch Marker Set 2, you'll broaden your range of painting. This is a set of water-based wipe off type markers.

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Doug W
Step up your weathering game!

If you're just starting to learn how to weather a model kit, these markers are a great tool. You can use single colors such as brown for rust and dirt, black for mechanical grime, or green for plant stains. Once you get some practice, you can use the white marker to blend together colors to make a mix depending on the look you're going for.
The markers have a good lifespan to them too. I used only one black one on to heavily weather my MG Nu Ver Ka kit and never once felt like I would run out of ink.

Jonathan Kroner
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