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Designed particularly for model painting.
Delicate brush tip by a well experienced craftsman.
Excellent supple brush for model painting!

Compared to a regular brush, Brushwork PRO series do not shed nor does the bristles get frayed and always feels brand new thanks to high accuracy artificial hair (PBT) which are all made in Japan. The brush strength is well adjusted for the use of model painting, so its tip is very supple compared to a regular brush.

Strong against solvents!

Relationship between brush tip length and thickness
If the brush tip is short, the amount of water supplied by the brush will decrease, causing the paint to dry quickly. Become. For this reason, Kamifu has designed the length of the brush tip in consideration of the balance between ease of drawing and water absorption.

With specially-processed PBT hair, even hair that has been bent from the base of the brush can be straightened with 90 ° C hot water. It is possible to put it back on the tip of a brush that comes with a special aluminum cap that is convenient to store and carry.

Fine Point Brush: Ideal for painting figurines' eyes and small hole.

Flat Brush: Ideal for figures' clothing and small scaled paintings.

Point Brush (Medium): Ideal for painting figurines' eyebrow and accessories.

Point Brush (Small): Ideal for painting figurines' iris and tiny parts which are difficult to reach.

Oblique Brush (Small): Ideal for painting deep areas sharply due to the diagonal cut of the brush.

Chipping (Medium/Small): Ideal for painting by poking using the tip of the brush. It is easy to apply chipping.

Liner: Ideal for accurately painting the crevice. Able to contain enough ink because the bristles are long.

Dry-Brushing: Ideal for reproducing soot stains and color fading.

Dry-Brushing (Fine/Extra Fine): Ideal for applying figure's blush and eye shadow. Fine tip width = 2mm. Extra fine tip width = 1.5mm.


Protection cap is included.
Hairs material : PBT 100%


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