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Conventional God Yasu! Outstanding followability compared to!
Convenient for cutting curved surfaces and fine parts!

Conventional God Yasu! Adopting a more ultra-thin sponge,
it achieves an excellent fit on curved surfaces!
Effective for filing curved surfaces and reverse R surfaces.

Even though it's thin, it's a sponge, so it's firmer than cloth or sandpaper, and
you can cut it freely and use it!
Easy-to-use God Yasu even in small places! was born.

This is good! Three points!
❶Because it is thin, it has high conformability, and it is easy to shape and surface-treat curved surfaces and reverse-R surfaces.
❷ Highly durable sponge that can be cut into any shape you like! Easy to use for water sharpening with non-bleeding ink
❸Thinness makes it easier to sand fine parts
・Made in Japan
・Count: #240, #320, #400, #600, #800, #1000 (one piece for each count)
・Size: Approx. 105mm x 20mm x 1mm
・One bag contains 6 "Kami Yasu!" cards, one for each count.
⚠ Notes
・If it is soaked in water for a long time or if it is exposed to solvents such as lacquer, the glue may melt and peel off.
・Store safely out of reach of small children.
・When using , wear safety glasses and a dust mask .
・Scratches and dirt on the surface of the file do not affect the use.
・If you use it with force, the ink on the letters may come off.

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