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▼ Product details
・ Lens, stand, warranty card
▼ Specifications
・ Lens: Large aspherical lens, Magnification about 1.8x
・ Stand: The distance to the object can be adjusted slightly by opening and closing.
・ Country of manufacture: Japan
▼ Body size
・ Height: Approximately 174 mm
・ Width: Approximately 260mm
・ Depth: Approximately 250 mm
・ Weight: Approximately 600g
▼ Material
・ Lens: Polycarbonate resin
・ Stand: Steel (cation coating)
・ Lens stand attachment / detachment part: Magnet (axis can rotate 360 ​​°)
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
⚠ Precautions
-This product uses a magnet. Do not use if you are wearing an implantable medical device that is electrically affected, such as a pacemaker. It may interfere with the normal movement of medical devices.
-The magnet that connects the stand and the lens is powerful. When removing the lens from the stand, be careful not to hit your hand around with the force of pulling it out, or the lens or stand.
・ Do not look into the sun through the loupe.
・ Do not use alcohol when cleaning the lens.
・ If you get fingerprints or stains, wipe them with a soft cloth. A soft, dry cloth or chamois is recommended as the lens is easily scratched.
・ Since the lens has a light-collecting property, do not place it in a place where sunlight can enter. There is a risk of ignition of nearby materials.
・ Although there are individual differences, do not overdo it when you are tired from work, and use it safely while taking a break.
・ Do not disassemble or modify.
・ Please note that a strong impact will lead to damage.

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