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A head magnifying glass that pursues visibility!
It is easy to concentrate and the work progresses!

With conventional binocular lenses, the middle partition would come into view,
and distortion would occur around the partition, which was a concern during work.
The "Sukkiri Center Mie Magnifying Glass" has
a single lens, which eliminates the partition in the middle and expands the field of view.
There is no distortion near the center, and stress during work is greatly reduced.

It can be fixed firmly to the head with a belt that can adjust the length.
The lens is less likely to be wobbly, so you can see the object without stress.
There is a cushion on the forehead and the part that hits the side of the head, so it won't hurt.

The lens has a wide focal length, so you can bring it closer or farther away, allowing you to see the object at your comfortable viewing distance.
Magnification is about 1.6 times.

With this kind of magnification, the angle of view is just right, so you can see the area you want to see without stress when working.
There is a movable axis near the forehead and the base of the lens, so you can freely adjust the viewing angle.
Product Details
・Lens magnification: about 1.6 times
・Working distance: about 5cm to 40cm
・A correspondence head wall: Approximately 53cm - 66cm (adjustment type)
・Weight: about 160g
・Body size: Approximately 28cm in height X approximately 21cm in width X approximately 6cm in height
・Material: Lens: Acrylic resin, Headband: Elastomer resin and PP (polypropylene)
・Made in Japan
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
⚠ Notes
・Do not look into the sun through the loupe.
・Do not use alcohol to clean the lens.
・Wipe off fingerprints and dirt with a cloth made of a soft material.
・As it is easily scratched, we recommend using a soft, dry cloth or chamois leather.
・Since the lens is light-harvesting, do not place it in a place where the sun's rays enter. Nearby materials may catch fire.
・Please refrain from using in places exposed to direct sunlight.
・There are individual differences, but please use it safely while taking a break.
・Do not disassemble or modify the product.
・Please note that a strong impact will lead to damage.

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