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Sturdy and easy to handle!
Rust-resistant stainless steel nippers perfect for single-edged beginners!

The blade is thicker than the Ultimate Nipper and Blade One Nipper, and has durability.
Recommended for those who are unfamiliar with using single-edged nippers. Nippers perfect for single-edged beginners.

・Single edge structure that can be used in the same way as Ultimate Nippers and Blade One Nippers.
・Durable and easy-to-handle blade thickness. Single-edged introductory type.
・Single-edged structure allows for smooth cutting, and very small parts and plastic pieces are less likely to fly out when cutting.
・Since it is a rust-resistant stainless steel material, you can reduce the trouble of maintenance.
· Cutting capacity is up to plastic φ3 mm or less. Clear materials are also supported.
- Equipped with an open/close lock mechanism for convenient storage.
Material: Stainless steel
・Quenching: Non-oxidation whole quenching
・Single edge specification
・Grip: Elastomer grip
・Overall length: about 140mm
・Weight: about 70g
・With open/close lock function
・Blade hardness: HRC49-55
・Supported materials: Only plastics (PS resin, PP resin, ABS resin, PE resin) can be cut. Cannot cut metal.
・Cutting ability: Only compatible materials of Φ3mm or less can be cut (clear runners are also compatible with Φ3mm or less).
⚠ Notes
・For safety, please wear safety glasses.
・Because there is a risk of the cut object flying, make sure that there are no people or fragile objects around before starting work.
・Do not touch the cutting edge directly.
・Do not apply a load exceeding the capacity. Pay particular attention to the load on the tip.
・Stainless steel is resistant to rust, but rust may occur. To prevent rust, wipe off dirt and fingerprints frequently, and apply rust preventive oil occasionally.
・If the lubricating performance of the moving parts is reduced, the shaft will wear and rattle, resulting in a decrease in sharpness. Lubricate moving parts regularly.
・Store in a case out of reach of small children.

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