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RG GaoGaiGar and powerful interlocking items

Real grade Goldie Marg is here 

From "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar", Goldymarg equipped with the powerful Hyper Tool 'Goldion Hammer' has been commercialized in a completely new real grade. Reproduce the transformation coalescence with GaoGaiGar while balancing precision detail and action performance!


● Reproduce Goldie Marg in a 'realistic' way with precision details unique to real grade.

Pursuing the image in the play while combining deformation coalescence and abundant action performance. Realize color coding close to the setting just by assembling.

Comes with original realistic decals.


A metallic 3D seal is used along with the clear parts. Reproduce the three-dimensional effect and light emission image just by pasting.


● Achieve system change (deformation)

It can be transformed into three forms: "Robo form, Tank form, Marghand & Gordian Hammer form". Thorough pursuit of various joint mechanisms, realizing a flexible range of motion while retaining the deformation coalescing mechanism. It can transform smoothly.


<Goldy tank form>

Transformed from robot form to 'tank form' with six wheels.

Equipped with slide, rotation, and storage gimmicks, it can be transformed just by rearranging some parts!

The internal structure of the 6-wheeled tires enables smooth rotation.

Adjust the elevation angle of the Marg Cannon and recreate the artillery scene!

<Marg Hand & Gordian Hammer Mode>

By combining with the separately sold "RG GaoGaiGar", you can produce the strongest special move "Hammer Hell and Heaven" activation state!

All fingers of the hand parts that hold the Gordian Hammer are movable, allowing for a wide range of poses.

Hammer Hell effect (nail-shaped tool) is included. Reproduced with clear yellow parts with sparkling glitter.

The deployment gimmick at Hammer Heaven is also reproduced.

Dedicated joint parts and a clear-colored action base are included to support the giant Gordian Hammer and Marg Hand.

Set contents: Goldymarg / action base (clear color) / realistic decal / effect parts set

Pairs well with the RG Goldymarg Water Decal from Delpi Decal

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