Hexa Gear - Governor Armor Type: Knight【Bianco】

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Model Information:

The aim of this project was to develop a new type of armor based on Pawn A1 that would be more specialized for mounted warfare. The idea was to raise the combat capabilities of third-gen HEXA GEAR by having Governors take a more direct role in combat.

Almost all of the top priority design changes were oriented around mounted combat using third-gen HEXA GEAR's open cockpit design. This dramatically improved the survivability of Governors who would otherwise be continually exposed to fire.

The heavy armoring of the body is concentrated on key torso parts. No major changes were made to the limbs, other than the knees and some other protruding parts, in order to maintain mobility when boarding HEXA GEAR.

The power assistance of the artificial muscles in the inner suit were also greatly improved. This was done with the awareness that energy supplies from the HEXA G-R.A.M would be excessively depleted and the machine’s operating time would be shortened, but receiving a higher power output in return. The underlying aim was to improve combat capability with heavy weapons, which Pawn A1 was unable to handle.

This system is conceptually similar to the "resonant energization" of Rayblade Impulse and was carried over into the subsequent research on EX ARMOR TYPES by the Hakua Riken Research Institute.

In addition, a major change from Pawn A1 was the addition of a mounting arm. The arm serves as both an extension platform and power assistance and comes standard with the unit. The structure of the unit allows it to be divided or changed for flexible use. Naturally, it is also compatible with other ARMOR TYPES and is able to suspend equipment when used in combination with the KARMA control system, including heavy weapons such as shields and charge cannons, which would normally be placed on board. 

Many of these armor-enhancing components, initially dubbed Pawn A2, were consolidated under the name "Knight" and eventually mass-produced and sent out by the Liberty Alliance as "Armor Type: Knight." After triumphing over a powerful foe in a gleaming set of new armor, the Governor raises his sword.

Model Specifications: 

  • Attach the Large Sword to the Large Cannon included in GOVERNOR ARMOR TYPE: KNIGHT【NERO】 (sold separately) for an even more enhanced HEXA GEAR weapon. 
  • The Shield uses clear parts to bring out a realistic feel to the model. The grip of the shield can be adjusted to give optimal posing options. Attach to the Mount Arm using its 3mm connectors to enjoy endless assembly options. 
  • Exchange the armor parts on the shield to decrease its defense area.
  • This model is 82mm in size and has 24 points of articulation.
  • This model uses GOVERNOR ARMOR TYPE: PAWN A1 Ver.1.5 as its base and boasts a wide range of articulation. 
  • The Mount Arm included uses a flexible joint part to give the mount more design options and allows for various parts to be attached. 
  • The back pack and abdomen parts include 3mm connecting joints where the Mount Arm can be attached.
  • Use the hard point extension for the forearm to attach various parts.
  • The additional armor on the hips are detachable, making the model adaptable to different situations such as boarding onto a separately sold HEXA GEAR, or simply making the armor on the model more lightweight. Additionally, the said armor can be combined into a small shield and attached onto the forearm using the included hard point.
  • The head is pre-painted. 

*This model kit uses the same color variations as previously released GOVERNOR ARMOR TYPE: PAWN A1 Ver.1.5. 

Included Parts: 

  • Large Sword ×1
  • Shield ×1
  • Mount Arm ×1
  • Hard Point Extension for Forearm ×1
  • 3mm Joint ×1
  • Left and Right Hand Parts (Closed, Open, Weapon Holding)
  • PVC HEXA G-R.A.M. ×1
  • Archive Card ×1

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