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From "Star Wars" comes a 1/4 scale plastic model of the popular character "Grogu" who travels with the "Mandalorian"!

Overall height about 100mm. In addition to the "normal face", 3 types of facial expression parts and drooping ear parts are also included, allowing you to express a richly expressive Grogu by replacing them.

The attached hovering pram (1/12 scale) reproduces the opening and closing of the cover by replacing parts. A clear pedestal is also included to create a feeling of floating.

A 1/12th scale Grogu that can be used to board a hovering pram is also included. It is possible to reproduce the image in the play by arranging it with the separately sold "1/12 The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)".


  • Face parts (for 1/4 Grogu) x 4 types
  • Ear parts (for 1/4 Grogu) x 2 types
  • Hovering pram (for 1/12 Grogu) x 1
  • Hovering pram cover x 1
  • Hovering Display stand for pram x 1
  • Seal x 1

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